Take the next step in your coding journey. 

6 Weeks. Part-time. Intermediate-Level  Web Development Course.  

Saturdays 10-4 pm

6/10. 6/17. 6/24. 7/1. 7/8. 7/15.

$1600 Early Enrollment (by 5/10)

$1800 After 5/10

Ready to move beyond programming basics? In this course, you'll learn how to navigate in the terminal, debug errors, traverse the DOM, and access APIs with AJAX. You'll also explore intermediate concepts in JavaScript (like reduce and the keyword 'this'). Even if some of these terms are unfamiliar to you now, you're ready for them if you've got a solid grasp of JavaScript fundamentals.  

Week 01:

Week 02:

Week 03:

Week 04:

Week 05:

Week 06:

If you get accepted into Rithm's full-time program upon completing the course, your part-time tuition will be applied as a credit to your tuition.

Ready to move beyond the basics?


We will send you more details about how to enroll as well as a full course syllabus.

Course Description


The class will be capped at 16 students to speed up the learning process and maintain a high-quality student experience. Each class will have an assignment for students to complete during the week along with optional office hours for students.



Introduction, Terminal, Git and GitHub, JavaScript Review

Debugging JavaScript, Nested Data Structures and JavaScript Functions 

DOM and Events

 jQuery and Ajax

Iterators, Testing, keyword `this` 

Object Oriented Programming & ES2015

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